About Greenbrier Valley Grown

Greenbrier Valley Grown (GVG) is a non-profit local foods certification program that works to provide consumers in southeastern West Virginia with factual information about where their food is produced. Greenbrier Valley Grown branded products are becoming recognizable in an ever-widening radius around the Greenbrier Valley Region, where quality GVG products originate.

The Greenbrier Valley Grown logo certifies that “local” foods are truly locally produced, so when consumers see the GVG logo (on a product, at a restaurant, or at the local farmers’ market), they can be assured that the foods being sold as “local” truly are local.

Greenbrier Valley Grown originated as a project of the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation (GVEDC), which views local agriculture as a valuable economic sector and seeks to promote local foods, sustainable farming, and profitable agricultural ventures through appropriate planning, infrastructure, and development.

The GVEDC hopes that Greenbrier Valley Grown will serve as a model for other local foods groups around West Virginia that seek to market the quality and convenience of local foods both within and outside their communities.




A special thank you to Brightside Acres (canned tomatoes and carrot tops), Byrnside Branch Farm (squash and lettuce), Greenbrier Cotswalds (sheep), Monroe Farm Market (market photo), Vernal Vibe Rise (eggs), and White Oak Berry Farm (blueberries) for contributing photos of GVG-certified local foods for this site.

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