Byrnside Branch Farm

Monroe County


This year marks the 12th Annual Byrnside Branch Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze.  This yearly tradition had small beginnings when Dirk McCormick, farm owner, made a corn maze for his son’s birthday party.  It was such a hit with the kids that he decided to try it again the next year and open it to the public.  Every year since has been bigger and better. 

Byrnside Branch Farm now offers a full array of family friendly fall festivities.  Many kids in the area have grown up going to the farm year after year and they always let Dirk know when the maze is too easy… or more likely too hard! Byrnside Branch has activities for kids of all ages. The highlight is a ten acre corn maze with over two miles of trails through the corn. The adventurous maze goer can run the Twilight Maze at dusk, where you are sure to find the Halloween spook you need while the sun sets and the wind howls through the cornstalks.  When you get through, warm up with friends amongst one of six fire pits at the farm.  They also offer hayrides that include a full tour of the farm and a visit to see the farm mascot, a long horn steer that has a 7 and a ½ horn span. There are smaller mazes available for littler kids, a petting zoo, and plenty of edible and decorative squash and gourds for sale.


“When pumpkin season hits it takes the whole family,” says Dirk.  His daughters, son and extended family all pitch in to help with different aspects of the operation. 

The McCormick’s have been in the Greenbrier Valley a long time.  Dirk, who grew up in Greenbrier County, ran a dairy operation for 20 years before transitioning to an off farm job and starting the corn maze.  His father and grandfather were horse breeders in the Valley. “ When someone finds out I am a McCormick” says Dirk “they still ask me about Woody, who was my Grandfathers stallion.”  The stallion was famous in the valley and if you wanted a walking horse bred you would take your mare over to visit Woody Wilson.

Dirk farms 155 acres of corn, squash, potatoes, onions and other mixed vegetables which he sells off the farm and at Monroe Farm Market’s online store throughout the year.  Byrnside Branch Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze will be open weekends and weekdays by reservation until the end of October.  Please check the website for more information:


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